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We are here to serve you better from floor to ceiling of your work and living space, all you need right tool and talented workers, that we can assure on our service

F2C Story

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Over fourteen years’ of experience in Facility Service and Maintenances, F2C formed in to Contracting. Now F2C is one of the fast growing Contracting Company in UAE, within a very short span of time, we the team F2C has been able to expand ourselves into the field of Contracting. We believe that, it is our sincere dedication and hard-core efforts that help us bring out quality service and therefore reach the satisfaction of our clients. We always strive to go above and beyond all works we handle, in order to deliver it on time. Our mission along with our work strategy helped us attract expert professionals from different backgrounds and thus we formed our team who has been our backbone ever since. F2C is headquartered in Bur Dubai, UAE.

A quick glance to our area of works

  Painting Works

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Floor Paint / Epoxy (Parking Area)

 Cleaning Services

External Window Cleaning

External Wall / Cladding Washing

Water Tank Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

  Water Proofing

Roof Water Proofing

Wet Area Water Proofing

Swimming Pool Water Proofing

 HVAC Services

Split Units

Package Units


VRV Systems

Air and Fresh Air Handling Units

Chilled Water Systems

Fan Coil Units


Standard Villa Construction

Luxury Villa Construction

Showroom / Warehouse

Labor Camp Construction

Building Construction

  Interior Design

Workplace Interiors

Showroom Interiors

Villa Interiors

Apartment Interiors

Kitchen Design


Workplace Renovation

Showroom Renovation

Building Renovation

Villa Renovation

Apartment Renovation

Our Experts


The team of self-performing technicians at F2C are fully trained and highly skilled in their areas of expertise. With superior on-site problem solving skills, our technicians go above and beyond to provide the highest level of customer service to our customers.

F2C technicians are always ideally equipped to maximize their safety and protect the customer. All contractors are held to the same level of safety standards and scrutiny.

Quality assurance procedures. We are Work Order management experts!

From the time your work order is entered our system through our dedicated Work Order Inception Center to completion of the job, we track every step. Using the industry's leading software and mobile technology allows us to monitor, measure and control every aspect of your work orders to ensure your instructions are followed every time.

With our work order technology, we can view individual technician performance against SLAs, as well as qualitative feedback from locations on their performance.

In the same way, portal will give you an ability to monitor your job order status on line, and we will be keeping all the record your job history and invoice details in the portal.